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Richard Smallwood speaks out

Richard Smallwood speaks out

Gospel Legend Richard Smallwood Speaks Out against Racism

Richard Smallwood speaks out on Facebook about the injustice in America.

This is long…….I don’t condone violence or destruction. But listen.. people are tired! As an African American boy, I watched as four little girls a little older than me who were doing nothing more than what I did as a kid, going to Sunday school whose lives were taken as the Birmingham church they were in was bombed.  Although I was small, I remember when young Emmett Till was killed and mutilated because he supposedly whistled at a white woman. Years later, when she’s got one foot in the grave, she says she lied, and that didn’t actually happen.

I’ve lived through riots. I was in LA after the acquittal of the officers who mercilessly beat Rodney King, and because of that, the riots started. I watched my hometown DC burn. after the senseless killing of Martin Luther King. I was a freshman at Howard. So this is nothing new. We have been slaughtered, beaten, and justice has escaped us. People are tired. We are tired. The numbers of black women and men who have been killed..some in front of our eyes in this new mobile phone era by policemen are staggering, shot in their cars, killed for selling cigarettes, shot in the back…and most of the time unarmed. Most of the time, there was no justice for those innocent people. I watched a video with tears In my eyes as young Ahmaud was hunted and gun downed by two white men last month. Nothing was done for THREE MONTHS, although authorities knew ABOUT IT until the video was leaked. Last month the innocent Breanna Taylor brutally killed while in her apartment IN Louisville by police officers for no reason.

George Floyd again killed, LYNCHED in front of our eyes as a white policeman knelt on his neck, while George pleaded for his life and near his end called out for his deceased momma for help. PEOPLE ARE TIRED. This was MONDAY. Yes, they were fired, but as of Friday, NO arrests have been made. When you continually kill a people, beat them down, and have no voice any justice, after a while, they can’t take it anymore. Because of that, protests turn to riots and property loss because no one will hear them.No I don’t condone it, but it is what it is. When u have a leader(and I use that term loosely because I’m too much of a gentleman to call him EXACTLY what he is right here) of a country who, when asked if he thought George was murdered, his reply is that he ” couldn’t comment on it” but yet called those who demonstrated BECAUSE of the murder “thugs.” If there were any looting, then there would come the National Guard’s shooting whom he would personally call. Martin Luther King said, “A riot is the voice of the unheard.” He wasn’t condoning it but explaining the WHYS of it.

When you have no voice, you fight back the only way your know-how. It may not be the right way in some folks’ eyes, but it means someway MAYBE folk WILL understand the pain we are in. If that lying woman in Central Park had not been filmed while she called the police saying that an African American man was accosting her. There is a large chance that Christian Cooper would have ended up like George Floyd. Listen, I love God with everything within me, but folk we been praying since slavery, and it’s the same thing happening. It’s a part of the soil that this country was built upon…a country that was stolen from Native Americans who were slaughtered for THEIR LAND. Our ancestors call out from this soil—those who were lynched, burned, raped, and mutilated. We are tired. Civil Rights leader Fanny Hamer said, “You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap.” I’m angry, and my people are angry.

It’s gonna be more of this. We can’t even try to move forward in a positive direction if our country heads don’t care. And these poor excuses for heads of our country are supported by MANY CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS!!!! This justice system isn’t for us. It wasn’t created with us in mind. There has to be a major dialogue about how do we move forward in a systemic racist country. No, I don’t sing the National Anthem OR play it; it wasn’t written with us in mind. At almost 72, it’s the SAME thing I’ve seen my entire lifetime. Save your lectures, your judgment, your righteous indignation, cause you will get deleted in the twinkling of an eye.


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