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How to tie a head wrap like a Pro

How to tie a head wrap like a Pro

One of my favorite looks to rock in the Fall season is a headwrap. It’s a protective style in the sense that none of my hair is exposed to the elements, yet unlike your typical protective style (braids, twists, crochet, extensions), it can conveniently be undone in a matter of seconds.
There are so many ways to wear a headwrap. You can check out our Editor’s favorites on Pinterest. But my absolute favorite is the top knot.
@Natashaleeds of has a step-by-step guide to tying the perfect turban using a lightweight rectangular scarf
(you can also use a square scarf to achieve this, but I personally prefer a long, rectangle scarf).
1. Start by folding your scarf in half lengthwise, or if the scarf is already the perfect size, start by just holding up the scarf lengthwise. 2. Line up the center of the fold with your head’s base and pull the scarf forward. Hold the front of the scarf securely. 3. Next, separate both ends and tie a knot to secure and begin twisting together. 4. As you are twisting, you should begin wrapping it into a bun at the top of your head and keep wrapping and twisting. When you get to the end, tuck the loose ends of the scarf under the bun to secure and hide.
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