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21 Items T+L Editors Pack for Every Single Trip

21 Items T+L Editors Pack for Every Single Trip

Packing can be challenging, but as the universal laws of practice state: the more often you do something, the easier it gets. A truth Travel + Leisure’s editors have confirmed firsthand.
Trip after trip the editors have reduced their suitcases to only the essentials: the products we love and rely on so much so that we can’t imagine leaving home without them.
Among them, there’s the sleek travel wallet that doubles as a clutch for evenings out. The portable charger that keeps you juiced-up when there’s nowhere to plug in. The go-to snack to prevent travel-induced hunger. And, of course, the neck pillow.
From the very best versions of obvious must-packs Bose headphones, to the small nice-to-haves you may not have thought of. Read the full list at Travel+Leisure

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